#355      35 min 43 sec
Hello, Pet! : Our love can hurt our animal friends

Peter Sandøe

Bioethicist Peter Sandøe discusses our complicated relationship with animals and the associated moral dilemmas, including how our love for companion animals can actually cause harm and the difference between society’s treatment of pets and production animals. Presented by Peter Clarke.


#354      34 min 17 sec
Brain in a Dish: the therapeutic potential of stem cells and organoids

Dr Mirella Dottori
Steve Petrou

Epilepsy researcher Steve Petrou and developmental neuroscientist Miranda Dottori discuss the potential of organoids, miniature immature organs grown in dishes, particularly for future epilepsy and autism research. Presented by Dr Andi Horvath.

#353      32 min 09 sec
From Proletariat to Precariat: Navigating Uncertainty in a Globalised Economy

Leon Fink

American labor historian Leon Fink discusses the rise of the Precariat - people in a permanent state of intermittent or underemployment, considering changes in working conditions since the nineteenth century in developed countries. Presented by Elisabeth Lopez.