#274      36 min 06 sec
Just cities: Planning for fairness in the modern metropolis

Prof Susan Fainstein

Urban planning theorist and author Dr Susan Fainstein joins host Peter Mares to talk about how cities benefit and fail their residents, the pursuit of a "just city", and which cities can boast of being most fair and equitable.

#245      27 min 11 sec
Inventing romance: A tangled history of love and desire

Prof William Reddy

Medieval historian Prof William Reddy examines the conditions in Europe that led to the notion of romantic love. He also looks at the early constructs of love and desire in India and Japan. Presented by Jennifer Martin.

#235      40 min 05 sec
Tight-lipped transactions: Degrees of transparency in sovereign wealth funds

Assoc Prof Christopher Balding

Political economist Assoc Prof Christopher Balding examines the rapid rise of sovereign wealth funds in global finance, and focuses on issues of transparency and governance. He also discusses the impact that such large sums of money have on domestic and international politics. Presented by Eric van Bemmel.

#231      22 min 33 sec
Prizes and pitfalls: What foreign firms encounter when partnering with China

Prof Elisabeth Mueller

Innovation management expert Prof Elisabeth Mueller discusses the roles that research and the creation of intellectual property (IP) play in increasing productivity of China's corporations. She also examines the benefits and risks facing foreign businesses who venture into China's enormous market. Presented by Jennifer Martin.

#195      33 min 58 sec
Contenders cum laude: Universities competing in the global rankings game

Prof Simon Marginson

International higher education expert Professor Simon Marginson discusses the increasingly influential phenomenon of global ranking of universities, and what it means for students, governments, researchers, and the business of running institutions of higher learning. Presented by Eric van Bemmel.

#185      24 min 43 sec
Defending the indefensible: War criminals and the right to a fair trial

Dr Kevin Heller

International criminal law expert Dr Kevin Heller discusses the role of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and argues why even the worst of war criminals are entitled to the best defense. With host Jacky Angus.

#178      28 min 02 sec
Justifying the means: The law as accomplice in crimes against humanity

Dr Jennifer Balint

Criminologist and lawyer Dr Jennifer Balint discusses how nation-states seek to use the law in support of genocidal practices and other crimes against humanity. She also examines how, conversely, the law is also called upon to bring about reconciliation after regime change. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 130      27 min 37 sec
Accused abroad: Foreign nationals and identity in criminal trials

Associate Professor Richard Pennell

Historian Associate Professor Richard Pennell discusses the confluence and confusion of nationality, identity, and jurisdiction in criminal cases crossing cultural and national borders. Presented by Eric van Bemmel.

Episode 128      31 min 51 sec
Light before the Dark: Life, Death and Art in Early Modern Nuremberg

Professor Charles Zika
Professor Joel F. Harrington

Historians Prof Charles Zika and Prof Joel Harrington discuss the highs and lows of the culturally rich German city of Nuremberg in the 16th century. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 113      23 min 31 sec
Catching insects in Africa: A window on 18th century English society

Professor Deirdre Coleman

Historian, literary critic and author Professor Deirdre Coleman connects naturalist Henry Smeathman's years in West Africa to the social norms and intellectual life 18th century England. With host Jennifer Cook.