Episode 44      22 min 40 sec
Ethics in Psychiatry and Medical Training

Sidney Bloch

Prof Sidney Bloch speaks to Up Close host Jacky Angus about the development and role of ethics in psychiatric practice as well as in the education of doctors.

Episode 42      23 min 17 sec
Alzheimer's Disease: Predictors and Early Intervention

David Ames

Prof David Ames discusses predictors and early intervention of Alzheimer's Disease. With Up Close guest host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 33      14 min 45 sec
Mathematics of Biology

Prof Kerry Landman

Prof Kerry Landman chats with Dr Shane Huntington about how mathematics sheds light on biological phenomena like the growth of cancer cells.

Episode 31      13 min 22 sec
Genetic Testing and Young People

Dr Rony Duncan

Dr Rony Duncan discusses the ethical issues surrounding genetic testing of young people. With host Dr Shane Huntington. This episode concludes our "Summer Season of Science". Up Close will resume its regular programming with the next episode.

Episode 28      28 min 17 sec
Post-Natal Depression Across Cultures

Assoc Prof Jane Fisher
Dr Tran Tuan

Post-natal, or perinatal, depression is found beyond the wealthy, Europeanised societies with which this phenomenon is usually associated. In this podcast, Assoc Prof Jane Fisher of the Key Centre for Women's Health discusses PND and its incidence in poorer countries, especially Vietnam. With host Sian Prior.

Episode 20      26 min 43 sec
Genetically modified (GM) crops: the wheat from the chaff

Prof Rick Roush

Professor Rick Roush examines the realities and myths around Genetically Modified (GM) or transgenic Crops. With Dr Shane Huntington.

Guest: Professor Rick Roush, Dean, Faculty of Land and Food Resources.

Topic: Genetically modified crops: the wheat from the chaff

Episode 19      30 min 32 sec
Individual Privacy vs Public Benefit in Health (Medical) Informatics

Professor Loane Skene
Assoc Prof Jim Black

Prof Loane Skene and Assoc Prof Jim Black discuss the debate on medical informatics with Sian Prior


Professor Loane Skene, Chair of the Board of Undergraduate Studies, and Professor of Law at the Melbourne Law School and the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
Assoc Prof Jim Black, Epidemiologist and Public Health Physician at the Nossal Institute for Global Health

Topic: Individual Privacy vs Public Benefit in Health (Medical) Informatics

Episode 15      26 min 44 sec
Crystal Meth (Ice) Use - Myths and Realities

Assoc Prof John Fitzgerald
Dr Frances Bramwell
Assoc Prof John Fitzgerald and Dr Frances Bramwell discuss the myths and realities of the use of crystal methamphetamine, also known as "ice". Presented by Sian Prior.

Episode 13      20 min 58 sec
Medical Tourism in Asia

Dr Andrea Whittaker
Dr Andrea Whittaker explores the phenomenon of medical tourism in Asia with Sian Prior. Dr Whittaker also talks about her research in illegal abortions in Thailand.

Guest: Dr Andrea Whittaker from Asia Institute

Topic: Medical Tourism in Asia