Episode 125      41 min 40 sec
Approaches to snakebite in Papua New Guinea, and development in Sikkim

David Williams
Thomas Chandy

Herpetologist David Williams discusses his doctoral research into improving the plight of snakebite sufferers in Papua New Guinea, where snakes constitute a major public health problem. Also, PhD student Thomas Chandy probes community perceptions of the impact of economic development in the remote Himalayan region of Sikkim. With host Eric van Bemmel.

Episode 112      21 min 10 sec
Counting us in: Assessing indigenous child health

Assoc Prof Jane Freemantle

Epidemiologist Assoc Prof Jane Freemantle unpacks the delicate, complex task of empirically assessing child health in indigenous communities. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 106      28 min 13 sec
Nothing To Eat: Famine and Its Consequences

Cormac O Grada

Economic Historian Prof Cormac O Grada joins host Jennifer Cook to discuss famine, its causes and repercussions, and the human condition in times of mass food scarcity.

Episode 105      32 min 51 sec
Multiple Sclerosis: an Updated Look

Professor Trevor Kilpatrick

Neurologist Prof Trevor Kilpatrick unpacks the complexity of Multiple Sclerosis and outlines the latest research findings on its causes and treatment. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 101      26 min 01 sec
Making a Difference: Kiran Martin and Asha in the slums of Delhi

Padma Shri Dr Kiran Martin
Assoc Prof Peter Deutschmann

Paediatrician Dr Kiran Martin recounts the story behind the founding of ASHA, which now helps over 350,000 Delhi slum dwellers to improve their lives. Global health specialist Dr Peter Deutchmann weighs in on how research institutions in rich countries can work to empower and embolden work done by organisations in developing nations. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 91      22 min 24 sec
Within Our Reach: Tim Costello on International Aid

Tim Costello

World Vision Australia chief Tim Costello tells us how international aid efforts have succeeded, where they've got to improve, and why aid cynics have got it wrong. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 90      23 min 37 sec
The Cost of A Life: Peter Singer on Ending World Poverty

Peter Singer

Philosopher and ethicist Peter Singer puts forward his vision of how individuals can take an ethical and just approach to tackling world poverty. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 88      28 min 22 sec
Tuberculosis Resurgent

Prof Graham Brown
Dr Abuchahama Saifodine

Infectious diseases expert Prof Graham Brown gives the facts on tuberculosis (TB) and explains why the danger of "the neglected disease" is anything but diminished in the 21st century. We also speak with public health physician Dr Abuchahama Saifodine on site in Mozambique, where he is researching TB's prevalence and devastating effects. With host Jen Cook.

Episode 86      27 min 15 sec
Scrutinizing Intervention Programs for Autism

Prof Margot Prior AO

Prof Margot Prior reviews available intervention programs for autism. With host Eric van Bemmel.

Episode 83      23 min 40 sec
Infant sleep interventions, low birth-weight babies

Anna Price
Liz Westrupp

PhD students Anna Price and Liz Westrupp discuss their respective research into interventions for sleep-deprived infants and long-term implications for low-birthweight babies. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.