public policy

#194      29 min 29 sec
Degrees of uncertainty: Modeling the climate impact of greenhouse gases

Dr Malte Meinshausen

Senior climate impact researcher Dr. Malte Meinshausen explains how climate change is modeled, and estimates the effect of timely mitigation of  greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

#183      24 min 23 sec
For show only? The language of human rights in national constitutions

Assoc Prof Gili Drori

Sociologist Associate Professor Gili Drori explains how the vocabulary of human rights is making its way into the constitutions of nation states, and the degree to which societies actually honour the words in their own national charters.

#178      28 min 02 sec
Justifying the means: The law as accomplice in crimes against humanity

Dr Jennifer Balint

Criminologist and lawyer Dr Jennifer Balint discusses how nation-states seek to use the law in support of genocidal practices and other crimes against humanity. She also examines how, conversely, the law is also called upon to bring about reconciliation after regime change. With host Jennifer Cook.

#177      30 min 05 sec
Delusions of certainty: Regulation through an ethical lens

Associate Prof Fiona Haines
Prof Nancy Reichman

Social scientists Assoc Prof Fiona Haines and Prof Nancy Reichman discuss the myths and implications behind authorities’ implementation of regulations, particularly in the wake of a disaster. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 174      35 min 10 sec
Peak fish: Rising human consumption of seafood, and its implications

Dr Tim Dempster
Dr Reg Watson

Fisheries scientists Dr Tim Dempster and Dr Reg Watson discuss the pressures on wild fish stocks and debate the role of aquaculture in feeding an increasingly populous world. With science host Dr Dyani Lewis.

Episode 171      23 min 24 sec
In the name of the planet: Armed intervention to protect the environment

Prof Robyn Eckersley

Political scientist Professor Robyn Eckersley proposes a framework for protecting the environment that allows for armed intervention. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 168      28 min 58 sec
Lost generation: Governance gone missing in global energy security

Prof Ann Florini

Energy security and global governance analyst Professor Ann Florini explains the urgent need for global coordination of energy resources, and why existing institutions such as the International Energy Agency (IEA) are not up to the task. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 164      26 min 38 sec
Secularism, applied religiously: Harmonizing a hyper-diverse India

Dr Swapan Dasgupta

Senior journalist and political commentator Dr Swapan Dasgupta explains how secularism is defined and applied in ethnically, linguistically and religiously diverse India. And how a sense of harmony -- and occasional lack thereof -- is wrapped up in India's unique take on being secular. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 161      18 min 49 sec
Stretch and squeeze: Sustainability vs. sprawl in crowded Asian cities

Dr Sidh Sintusingha

Dr Sidh Sintusingha discusses the phenomenon of urban sprawl and approaches to enabling sustainability in increasingly crowded Southeast Asian urban corridors. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 160      33 min 30 sec
Delusions of development: Pro-market forces at work in the do-good industry

Dr Toby Carroll

Dr Toby Carroll discusses the evolution of development programs by institutions such as the World Bank and its subsidiary the International Finance Corporation, and scrutinizes the outcomes of recent strategies involving public-private partnerships and explicitly pro-market approaches. With host Elizabeth Lopez.