Episode 78      35 min 31 sec
Accounting for Imams

Dr Eeqbal Hassim
Irfan Yusuf
Anisa Buckley

In this episode, three conversations on imams and educators in Muslim communities. Host Jacky Angus speaks to author and lawyer Irfan Yusuf about the roles and predicaments of imams in Australia and elsewhere; to researcher Anisa Buckley on imams and their role in marriage and divorce; and to educator Dr Eeqbal Hassim on getting school teachers up to speed on Muslim issues.

Episode 70      36 min 28 sec
Drug Use, HIV and Harm Reduction in North East India

Assoc Prof Peter Deutschmann
Dr Michelle Kermode
Prarthna Dayal

Manipur and Nagaland are two states in North East India that share a border with Burma. While these states are so remote that few foreign nationals have visited them, they are beset with high rates of HIV infection and injecting drug use. Assoc Prof Peter Deutschmann, Dr Michelle Kermode and Prarthna Dayal from the Nossal Institute for Global Health take us on their journey of implementing harm reduction programs in these communities. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 67      29 min 32 sec
400 Years of Astronomical Telescopes

Prof Rachel Webster

Astrophysicist Prof Rachel Webster discusses the evolution of the astronomical telescope - from Galileo's version in 1609 to the iconic Hubble space telescope, and then onto a sneak peek of the upcoming James Webb space telescope which will be parked so far from earth that it can't be repaired. Every improvement to the telescope has extended our understanding of the universe around us. 2009 is both the International Year of Astronomy and the 400th anniversary of Galileo's astronomical telescope. With host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 58      24 min 23 sec
Singing and Teaching Early Music

Vivien Hamilton

Soprano Vivien Hamilton chats with host Jacky Angus about her art and work in early music. With host Jacky Angus.

Episode 53      18 min 09 sec
Growing Spiritual Prosperity

Assoc Prof John Armstrong

Philosopher and author Assoc Prof John Armstrong talks with host Jacky Angus about the importance and challenge of pursuing "spiritual prosperity" against a backdrop of overwhelming material expectations.

Special Report      32 min 25 sec
Reinventing Higher Education in Australia

Professor Glyn Davis AC
Simon Marginson

Professors Glyn Davis and Simon Marginson weigh in on the choices and challenges facing Australia's higher education system in an increasingly competitive global tertiary market. With host Adam Morton.

Episode 48      28 min 54 sec
Researching Indigenous Health in Australia and New Zealand

Prof Ian Anderson
Assoc Prof Papaarangi Reid

Professor Ian Anderson discusses contemporary approaches to health research and education for indigenous Australia. We also hear a New Zealand angle from Assoc Prof Papaarangi Reid of the University of Auckland. With host Jacky Angus.

Episode 44      22 min 40 sec
Ethics in Psychiatry and Medical Training

Sidney Bloch

Prof Sidney Bloch speaks to Up Close host Jacky Angus about the development and role of ethics in psychiatric practice as well as in the education of doctors.

Episode 28      28 min 17 sec
Post-Natal Depression Across Cultures

Assoc Prof Jane Fisher
Dr Tran Tuan

Post-natal, or perinatal, depression is found beyond the wealthy, Europeanised societies with which this phenomenon is usually associated. In this podcast, Assoc Prof Jane Fisher of the Key Centre for Women's Health discusses PND and its incidence in poorer countries, especially Vietnam. With host Sian Prior.

Episode 27      18 min 48 sec
Mindful Leadership

Amanda Sinclair

Prof Amanda Sinclair talks about how mindfulness contributes to effective leadership. With Sian Prior.