Episode 80      19 min 36 sec
A Flood of Water Scarcity in India

Assoc Prof Hector Malano
Ashok Jaitly

Associate Prof Hector Malano, along with India-based colleague Mr Ashok Jaitly, discuss the interdisciplinary approach to addressing water scarcity in India's "food bowl" region, the Krishna Basin. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 69      33 min 41 sec
Geothermal Energy from Uranium Deposits

Prof Mike Sandiford
Dr Sandra McLaren

Geothermal energy is most frequently associated with volcanic activity. However, new research suggests the possibility of producing commercially viable geothermal energy from uranium deposits. Prof Mike Sandiford and Dr Sandra McLaren discuss the science behind this endeavor to produce clean energy. With host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 64      28 min 49 sec
Medical Bionics: Cochlear Implants and Beyond

Prof Robert Shepherd
Prof Anthony Burkitt

Prof Robert Shepherd and Prof Tony Burkitt explain ear function, hearing loss, and how cochlear implants have improved the lives of many people. Also, bionic interventions in other parts of the body. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 55      19 min 53 sec
Calming Nanotechnology Fears

Dr Amanda Barnard

Dr Amanda Barnard talks about how scientists measure and address the potential hazards of nanotechnology. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 47      19 min 35 sec
Carbon Capture and Storage Explained

Barry Hooper

Barry Hooper joins Up Close host Shane Huntington to outline emerging technologies for capturing and storing carbon dioxide.

Episode 41      21 min 27 sec
Drinking The Same Water Twice -- Potable Water From Waste

Prof Peter Scales
Prof David Fox

Prof Peter Scales demystifies the process of recovering potable water from waste water, while Prof David Fox compares the cost of recycling with desalination. With Up Close science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 35      16 min 46 sec
With No Grain Of Salt: Water Desalination Explained

Assoc Prof Sandra Kentish

Assoc Prof Sandra Kentish joins Up Close science host Dr Shane Huntington to discuss water desalination as a technology and a controversy -- and its certain growth in our future.

Episode 34      16 min 08 sec
Cities and Extreme Events

Assoc Prof Priyan Mendis
Assoc Prof Nick Haritos

Assoc Profs Priyan Mendis and Nick Haritos reveal how cities stand up to extreme events like explosive blasts and tsunamis. With Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 33      14 min 45 sec
Mathematics of Biology

Prof Kerry Landman

Prof Kerry Landman chats with Dr Shane Huntington about how mathematics sheds light on biological phenomena like the growth of cancer cells.

Episode 29      12 min 15 sec
Engineering Ice Cream

Dr Ray Dagastine

Chemical Engineer Dr Ray Dagastine explains the crucial role of emulsions and surfactants in everyday items like shampoo and ice cream. The first of our special "Up Close Summer Season of Science". With host Dr Shane Huntington.