Episode 16      19 min 38 sec
The Leap from Frogs to Plastic Solar Cells

Prof Andrew Holmes

Prof Andrew Holmes of Bio21 Institute recounts how a poisonous South American frog inspired research into development of plastic solar cells.

Guest: Professor Andrew Holmes from the Bio 21 Institute

Topic: How the poison arrow frog inspired research into plastic solar cells.

Episode 11      15 min 28 sec
Precision Drug Delivery with Nanotechnology

Prof. Frank Caruso

Professor Frank Caruso chats with Dr Shane Huntington about how advances in Nanotechnology enable delivery of therapeutic drugs in the human body with "pinpoint" accuracy.

Guest: Professor Frank Caruso from the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering.

Topic: Precision delivery of therapeutic drugs with Nanotechnology

Episode 7      22 min 59 sec
A Quantum Leap in Computing

Professor David Jamieson
Professor David Jamieson discusses Quantum Computing, the new frontier in computer design, with Science host, Dr Shane Huntington.

Guest: Professor David Jamieson, Director of the Melbourne node of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computer Technology

Topic: A Quantum Leap in Computing