Episode 128      31 min 51 sec
Light before the Dark: Life, Death and Art in Early Modern Nuremberg

Professor Charles Zika
Professor Joel F. Harrington

Historians Prof Charles Zika and Prof Joel Harrington discuss the highs and lows of the culturally rich German city of Nuremberg in the 16th century. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 113      23 min 31 sec
Catching insects in Africa: A window on 18th century English society

Professor Deirdre Coleman

Historian, literary critic and author Professor Deirdre Coleman connects naturalist Henry Smeathman's years in West Africa to the social norms and intellectual life 18th century England. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 109      25 min 26 sec
The Witch Depicted: Images and iconography in early modern times

Professor Charles Zika

Historian Prof Charles Zika explains the social and religious manipulations behind 15th and 16th century European images of witches and witchcraft, and how this contrasts with our contemporary visual representation of witches. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 107      23 min 07 sec
Getting it on the grid: Integrating renewable energy into our power supplies

Dr Roger Dargaville

Energy and climate change analyst Dr Roger Dargaville weaves together diverse technical, economic and environmental factors to produce a model for better, smarter use of our energy supplies. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 106      28 min 13 sec
Nothing To Eat: Famine and Its Consequences

Cormac O Grada

Economic Historian Prof Cormac O Grada joins host Jennifer Cook to discuss famine, its causes and repercussions, and the human condition in times of mass food scarcity.

Episode 103      17 min 06 sec
The Irish Diaspora and Its Legacy

Elizabeth Malcolm

Historian Professor Elizabeth Malcolm tells the story of Irish migration, particularly in the 19th and 20th centuries, and what it means for Ireland and the world today. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 77      28 min 19 sec
Searching for Russia's Future in Its Past

Prof Leslie Holmes
Leslie Rowe

Prof Leslie Holmes and former Ambassador Leslie Rowe discuss how Russia's past influences this great nation's future. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 58      24 min 23 sec
Singing and Teaching Early Music

Vivien Hamilton

Soprano Vivien Hamilton chats with host Jacky Angus about her art and work in early music. With host Jacky Angus.

Episode 52      20 min 28 sec
Addressing Violence in the Family

Prof Cathy Humphreys

Prof Cathy Humphreys discusses the tragic impact of family violence, and outlines contemporary approaches to intervention and prevention. With host Jacky Angus.

Episode 41      21 min 27 sec
Drinking The Same Water Twice -- Potable Water From Waste

Prof Peter Scales
Prof David Fox

Prof Peter Scales demystifies the process of recovering potable water from waste water, while Prof David Fox compares the cost of recycling with desalination. With Up Close science host Dr Shane Huntington.