Episode 37      31 min 14 sec
Reinvigorating the World Trade Organization

Ann Capling

Political scientist and Warwick Commission member Prof Ann Capling demystifies the World Trade Organization (WTO), and suggests how it might reinvigorate itself in a changing global trade environment. With podcast host Eric van Bemmel.

Episode 32      21 min 31 sec
Birds, Nations and Empires

Dr Lewis Mayo

Dr Lewis Mayo gives a historical perspective of how birds have symbolised nations' political struggles and aspirations. With host Sian Prior.

Episode 26      20 min 04 sec
Post-Soviet Crime and Its Impact Abroad

Prof Leslie Holmes

Prof Leslie Holmes examines the wide-ranging impact of organised crime in post-Communist Russia and Eastern Europe. With host Sian Prior.

Guest: Prof Leslie Holmes, School of Natural Resource Management

Topic: Former Soviet Union, Central Eastern Europe and the internationalization of crime

Episode 24      24 min 50 sec
Simon Phillips: Theater is No Drama

Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips joins Up Close host Sian Prior for a wide-ranging discussion of the role of theatre in contemporary society, and its continuing relevance in the digital age.

Guest: Simon Phillips, Artistic Director of the Melbourne Theatre Company

Topic: Contemporary theatre

Episode 22      31 min 12 sec
Geopolitics of Climate Change

Dr Peter Christoff

Dr Peter Christoff explores the global politics of climate change with Sian Prior.

Guest: Dr Peter Christoff, School of Social and Environmental Enquiry.

Topic: Geopolitics of Climate Change

Episode 8      26 min 01 sec
Getting Public Transport Back on Track

Dr Paul Mees
Dr Paul Mees explores integrated public transport systems with Humanities host, Sian Prior

Guest: Dr Paul Mees from the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning.

Topic: Public transport systems for dispersed cities

Episode 6      24 min 54 sec
Dry and Getting Drier

Professor Nancy Millis
Professor John Langford
Professor Nancy Millis and Professor John Langford discuss the need for radical changes in water management in Australia with Jacky Angus.

Emeritus Professor Nancy Millis AC MBE, Microbiologist and pioneer in fermentation technology in Australia
Professor John Langford AM, Director of the Melbourne Water Research Centre

Topic: The need for radical changes in water management in Australia.