higher education

#378      33 min 48 sec
Show me the data: Sifting pseudoscience from the real thing

Prof Scott Lilienfeld

In a world with a bewildering mix of fact and fiction, and in which social and mainstream media only add to the confusion, how do we separate out false or dubious claims from the well-founded and evidence-based? Research and clinical psychologist Prof Scott Lilienfeld joins science host Dr Andi Horvath to help us distinguish pseudoscience from the real thing by exploring popular myths that too often make fools of us.

#256      40 min 32 sec
Eastern academies: The rise and rise of Asian universities

Prof Simon Marginson

Higher education globalization expert Professor Simon Marginson examines the factors that have fuelled the inexorable rise of higher education in China and elsewhere in Asia. Presented by Eric van Bemmel.

#222      30 min 28 sec
Ready or not: International students, language barriers, and cultural fit

Assoc Prof Sophie Arkoudis
Dr Chi Baik

Higher education researchers Assoc Prof Sophia Arkoudis and Dr Chi Baik examine how and why international university students in English-speaking countries grapple with the language, and suggest solutions. Presented by Jennifer Martin.

#220      19 min 16 sec
The new gilded age: How consumerism and grandiosity have pervaded post-affluent societies

Prof Mats Alvesson

Organizational theorist Prof Mats Alvesson takes a critical look at the pervasive cultures of consumerism and status elevation in the 21st century. Presented by Jennifer Martin.

#195      33 min 58 sec
Contenders cum laude: Universities competing in the global rankings game

Prof Simon Marginson

International higher education expert Professor Simon Marginson discusses the increasingly influential phenomenon of global ranking of universities, and what it means for students, governments, researchers, and the business of running institutions of higher learning. Presented by Eric van Bemmel.

Episode 84      22 min 08 sec
Music masters: improvisation as a research topic

Christopher Hale
Paul Williamson

Professional jazz musicians and research students Chris Hale and Paul Williamson pick up their instruments and speak about improvisational music as a focus of academic research. With guest host Katherine Smith.

Episode 53      18 min 09 sec
Growing Spiritual Prosperity

Assoc Prof John Armstrong

Philosopher and author Assoc Prof John Armstrong talks with host Jacky Angus about the importance and challenge of pursuing "spiritual prosperity" against a backdrop of overwhelming material expectations.

Special Report      32 min 25 sec
Reinventing Higher Education in Australia

Professor Glyn Davis AC
Simon Marginson

Professors Glyn Davis and Simon Marginson weigh in on the choices and challenges facing Australia's higher education system in an increasingly competitive global tertiary market. With host Adam Morton.

Episode 17      20 min 17 sec
Post-compulsory Education for a Knowledge Economy

Assoc Prof John Polesel

Assoc Prof John Polesel discusses the changing job markets in Australia and overseas brought about by the so-called "knowledge economy", its effect on young people, and the need to change perceptions about Vocation Education and Training.

Guest: Assoc Prof John Polesel the Centre for Post-Compulsory Education and Lifelong Learning (CPELL)

Topic: Post-compulsory Education for a Knowledge Economy