#251      27 min 46 sec
Rhythm of the beat: The culture, meaning and meter of the tabla

Dr Nadeem Malik

Dr Nadeem Malik takes us on a musical and historical journey with the South Asian percussion instrument, the tabla. Presented by Jennifer Martin.

Episode 123      26 min 37 sec
Masterclass in improvisation: Flute legend Dave Valentin in Australia

Dave Valentin

New York-based latin and jazz artist Dave Valentin discusses how he came to his intstrument, the flute, its place in latin music, and what it takes to be a musical improvisor. With host Eric van Bemmel.


Note: For legal reasons, this episode will not be available as an on-demand stream. It continues to be available as a podcast and as a download. We regret the inconvenience caused.

Episode 84      22 min 08 sec
Music masters: improvisation as a research topic

Christopher Hale
Paul Williamson

Professional jazz musicians and research students Chris Hale and Paul Williamson pick up their instruments and speak about improvisational music as a focus of academic research. With guest host Katherine Smith.

Episode 57      24 min 19 sec
Timbre and Transcendence: Improvisation in Music

Dr Robert Vincs

Dr Robert Vincs explores the transcendental possibilities of improvisational music. With host Jacky Angus.