intellectual property

#259      39 min 12 sec
Sport court: Where international sports and legal systems converge

Prof James Nafziger
Hayden Opie

Legal experts James Nafziger and Hayden Opie describe the growing role of law in professional sports, and how varying legal systems worldwide grapple with issues of sports dispute resolution, commercialization, corruption, and athletes’ rights. Presented by Peter Mares.

#231      22 min 33 sec
Prizes and pitfalls: What foreign firms encounter when partnering with China

Prof Elisabeth Mueller

Innovation management expert Prof Elisabeth Mueller discusses the roles that research and the creation of intellectual property (IP) play in increasing productivity of China's corporations. She also examines the benefits and risks facing foreign businesses who venture into China's enormous market. Presented by Jennifer Martin.

Episode 154      31 min 35 sec
Keeping it creative: What happens to productivity when innovative firms are acquired?

Assoc Prof Kwanghui Lim

Can we predict how a firm's creators and innovators will fare when their firm is swallowed up by another company? Through the lenses of knowledge-based and incentive-based theories of business corporations, strategic management guru Assoc. Prof. Kwanghui Lim discusses what happens to inventors' productivity when there's a change of paymaster. With host Eric van Bemmel.

Episode 121      34 min 56 sec
Intellectual property: A guide for the rest of us

Professor Andrew Christie

Law Professor Andrew Christie gives a primer on the complex world of laws pertaining to creations of the mind -- why they are there and how theyíre sometimes misunderstood. With host Eric van Bemmel.