#282      33 min 19 sec
Speaking Siraya: Revitalizing a dormant language, rediscovering cultural identity

Assoc Prof Sander Adelaar

Historical and descriptive linguist Assoc Prof Alexander (Sander) Adelaar discusses efforts to piece together from scant historical sources the once dormant Taiwanese language of Siraya, and explains the language’s influence on a reawakening of cultural identity. Presented by Eric van Bemmel.

#271      34 min 27 sec
Embracing zero: Satyajit Das on the end of continued economic growth

Satyajit Das

Global finance expert, author and commentator Satyajit Das warns us that the sustained economic growth we’ve come to believe is the norm is, in fact, unlikely to continue. Joined by host Peter Mares, Das ponders what a world of little or no growth would look like.

#266      44 min 41 sec
All feasts must end: Satyajit Das on China at the crossroads

Satyajit Das

Global finance expert Satyajit Das argues that the inherent -- and largely ignored -- fragility of China’s economy threatens to undo the fruits of decades of phenomenal export-led growth. Presented by Peter Mares.

#256      40 min 32 sec
Eastern academies: The rise and rise of Asian universities

Prof Simon Marginson

Higher education globalization expert Professor Simon Marginson examines the factors that have fuelled the inexorable rise of higher education in China and elsewhere in Asia. Presented by Eric van Bemmel.

#245      27 min 11 sec
Inventing romance: A tangled history of love and desire

Prof William Reddy

Medieval historian Prof William Reddy examines the conditions in Europe that led to the notion of romantic love. He also looks at the early constructs of love and desire in India and Japan. Presented by Jennifer Martin.

Episode 169      24 min 24 sec
Waves of influence: Television drama as an instrument of soft power in Asia

Sociologist Professor Chua Beng Huat explains how serial TV dramas have become a soft power currency traded among China, Korea, Japan and other countries in Asia. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 72      34 min 45 sec
The Fourth Rise of China

Prof Wang Gungwu
Dr Pradeep Taneja

Prof Wang Gungwu and Dr Pradeep Taneja examine the latest rise of China in its historic, economic and strategic dimensions. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 60      21 min 36 sec
Harpooning the Myths: Japan and Whaling

Dr Charles Schencking

Maritime historian Dr Charles Schencking joins host Jennifer Cook to separate the myths from the facts surrounding the contentious practice of whaling by Japan.

Episode 36      26 min 02 sec
Marketing Luxury Brands

Mark Ritson
Andrew Wu

Assoc Prof Mark Ritson of the Melbourne Business School talks to Up Close host Amanda Tattam about the changing nature of the global luxury goods market. Amanda also speaks to Andrew Wu, head of luxury giant LVMH's China operations, about selling luxury in Asia.