#282      33 min 19 sec
Speaking Siraya: Revitalizing a dormant language, rediscovering cultural identity

Assoc Prof Sander Adelaar

Historical and descriptive linguist Assoc Prof Alexander (Sander) Adelaar discusses efforts to piece together from scant historical sources the once dormant Taiwanese language of Siraya, and explains the language’s influence on a reawakening of cultural identity. Presented by Eric van Bemmel.

#210      30 min 55 sec
Not just the King's speech: Stuttering and its causes

Prof. Nan Bernstein Ratner

Speech pathology researcher Prof Nan Bernstein Ratner discusses the condition of stuttering, how research into stuttering informs models of language acquisition, and possible therapies for the condition. Presented by Dr Dyani Lewis.

Episode 163      19 min 06 sec
It's our turn now: India's changing take on the English language

Prof.Alok Rai

Professor of Literature Alok Rai discusses the many roles played by the English language in contemporary India - as an instrument of mobility, as a marker of privilege, as a badge of identity, and as a forge of a new caste system. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 133      24 min 24 sec
Coding cultural riches: Investigating indigenous languages in Australia

Dr Rachel Nordlinger

Linguist Dr Rachel Nordlinger discusses how Australian Aboriginal languages are researched and how particular indigenous tongues grow at the expense of others as communities migrate. Presented by Jennifer Cook.

Episode 127      25 min 13 sec
An ocean away: An African nation's roots in Southeast Asia

Associate Professor Sander Adelaar

Linguistics Assoc Professor Sander Adelaar discusses the curious linguistic and genetic origins of the people of Madagascar. With host Eric van Bemmel.

Episode 126      23 min 06 sec
Lingua mundi and the perils of monolingualism

Joe Lo Bianco

Professor Joe Lo Bianco examines the implications of English as "the world's language", and why it behooves native speakers of English to learn other languages. With host Jennifer Cook.